A word from the Secret Estate Agent...

In 2009, I was unfairly sacked from my job at a very well-known estate agents.

I had done nothing and was merely taking the flack for a massive cock-up from a total wanker of a colleague.

So I started secretly tapping his phone calls to prove to my boss that this guy was a total chump. And I struck gold....

The films that I am releasing over the next 8 weeks will expose this tosser and hopefully bury him.

I am the Secret Estate Agent. And revenge is sweet...

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Introducing Tim's Thursday Toss Talk

Tim's Thursday Toss Talk is your midweek fix of Estate Agent Tim talking toss.
These short audio clips will be released every Thursday.

The first of these is "Moribund" and was taken from a conversation in April 2009.
Enjoy. S.E.A. x

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