A word from the Secret Estate Agent...

In 2009, I was unfairly sacked from my job at a very well-known estate agents.

I had done nothing and was merely taking the flack for a massive cock-up from a total wanker of a colleague.

So I started secretly tapping his phone calls to prove to my boss that this guy was a total chump. And I struck gold....

The films that I am releasing over the next 8 weeks will expose this tosser and hopefully bury him.

I am the Secret Estate Agent. And revenge is sweet...

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Lawyers are just no fun

So, Tim has now taken some 'official' legal action against me, therefore I'm holding off for the time being from showing everyone the remaining films. I haven’t got a clue about all this legal stuff, but to play it safe, I’m having a friend look at the situation. Who would have thought that wiretapping someone’s phone could be so contentious? Some people are just too precious.

Anyway, I’ve also had many people asking for more regular updates, so I’ve made a vow to keep you all in the loop as to what the situation is with Tim and whether or not he has finally got the heavies on to me (seriously though, who threatens someone by saying their Dad is going to send the heavies round. What a cockrod). Maybe I'll just tell everyone who he is and leg it to the Costa Del Sol, Buster styleee.

And for you Tim, (as I know full well you’re reading all this), you really are one of the most gloriously pathetic losers on this planet, and without you, my life would be so so much more boring. Please never change. The world needs bellends like you. Occasionally.

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